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gray_hairWe have had many phone calls this week about PC-KUS and Gray Hair. PC KUS is Pseudocatalase developed by K.U.S. (Karin U. Schallreuter) in Germany and the UK. It’s been around for many years as a treatment for Vitiligo but never, to my knowledge for a ‘cure’ for gray hair. To be honest this does appear to be a giant hoax. Below, you can read the article posted by VSI (Vitiligo Support International) on their Facebook page this week.

Here’s one of my earlier posts on Pseudocatalase

There is a copy of PC-KUS made in the USA by compounding pharmacies such as www.pseudocatalase.com and many others. With Vitiligo, the patient will need UVB Narrow Band to activate the Pseudocatalase.

Anything that seems to be too good to be true usually is. This is certainly what my dad would have called snake oil. Buy some at your peril and stop calling me.

From VSI Facebook Page

VSI Logo

VSI Logo

We have continued to receive inquiries regarding the information that has blanketed the news for the past week or two about the supposed “Cure for Gray Hair.”

VSI has carefully followed the information on this topic, and as of yet, have not yet been able to discern what is new about this story. PC-KUS is a proprietary formula of a product called pseudocatalase (PC referencing pseudocatalase in the product name) which was developed by a doctor by the name of Karin U. Schallreuter. (referencing the KUS in the product name.) The current stories in the news explain what pseudocatalase is and how it works. If you look on the web you’ll find studies on this same product going back as far as 1995. Most of them were conducted in Dr. Schallreuter’s labs. Because she has not released the specific formula of her proprietary blend, independent studies never quite produced the same results as her reports.

Pseudocatalase is available by prescription and can be compounded by any compounding pharmacy. However, those using this generic type of pseudocatalase have never experienced much success as a treatment.

PC-KUS (Dr Schallreuter’s pseudocatalase formula) is not available in the US. In order to have her prescribe PC-KUS, you must see her in one of her clinics either in Bradford England, or Greifswald Germany.

Over the years VSI has had a number of our members who have traveled to Dr Schallreuter’s clinics to see her, and have used the product with varying results.

If you have an account with VSI- You might want to logon and use a forum search (opening the dates to go back 10 years or so) to read past discussions. Specifically I would recommend you look at the discussions in the “Dead Sea Travel Forum,” which can be found from the “All Message Board” page under the “Treatment” group.

If we eventually learn anything new we will try to cover it in an upcoming newsletter.

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PC-KUS and Gray Hair – Pseudocatalase — 4 Comments

  1. great article. tried the stuff and it works well. this is sold under the name depo-melanin. go find it on amazon and if you can get the right gender

    • I do not believe that Depo-Melanin is indeed the same as Pseudocatalase but I’m happy for you that it worked.

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